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Waterfalls in New Hampshire

Glen Ellis Falls, Jackson, NH

TLC may have said not to, but at the historic Thayers Inn in Littleton NH, we are wholeheartedly pro chasing waterfalls. Our little pocket of the White Mountains plays host to many gorgeous hiking trails, many of which promise the reward of incredible cascading waterfalls of varying sizes, but all of which are well worth the hike. If you’re coming to visit and to stay with us at Thayers, these are some waterfalls in New Hampshire that you may want to venture to while you’re in the area.

Glen Ellis Falls, Jackson

This falls is popular for many tourists because it only requires a short and easy jaunt for that amazing, scenic reward. About ten minutes on a well-maintained trail (about 0.3 miles) and you can feast your eyes on this incredible sight.

Arethusa Falls, Harts

New England’s tallest single cascade waterfall, Arethusa measures in at 160-feet high. Equally beautiful in all seasons, this horsetail waterfall is located in scenic Crawford Notch State Park. The moderate hike to the falls is about 1.5 miles in and back, and is relatively steep, but worth the effort.

Diana’s Baths, Conway

This New England-famous series of small cascades known as Diana’s Baths draws visitors from far and wide. The falls boasts a total drop of approximately 80 feet with the highest plunge measuring in at about 12 feet, and the entire area is made up of beautifully smooth rocks that have taken on their shape over years and years of being slowly sculpted by the graceful water. Summer is a great time to hit this spot so adults and kids alike can explore the pools, cascades, and numerous rock ledges this natural area has to offer.

Waterfalls in New Hampshire

Diana’s Baths, Conway

Jackson Falls, Jackson

Situated inside the Shawnee National Forest is the impressive, 100-foot waterfall known as Jackson Falls. Encircled by rocks and bluffs, the upper falls can actually be seen from the roadside, and the lower falls is also nearby- just a short 0.1-mile stretch up the trail. It’s extreme accessibility makes this one a popular attraction for tourists, and camping is also allowed if that factors into your waterfall-chasing plans.

Sabbaday Falls

Lively and multi-tiered, Sabbaday Falls twists effortlessly through a gorge in the White Mountain Forest near a town called Waterville Valley. The 0.6-mile trail to the waterfall is an easy in and out, and usually stays pretty trafficked by those doing exactly what you’re doing– chasing waterfalls.

Cloudland Falls, Lincoln

A Franconia Notch State Park marvel, Cloudland Falls can be accessed by a 1.5-mile hike. You’ll be mesmerized by the series of cascades and horsetails in the middle of a cool, dense forest where the falls itself drops an entire 80 feet. Actually, this hiking trail, known as Falling Waters Trail, will serve up views of three waterfalls, of which Cloudland is the largest.

Avalanche Falls, Franconia

Located on the Flume Trail, Avalanche Falls measures in at 25 feet, and is an extremely popular waterfall in New Hampshire. You can visit this falls via an easy hike from a trail beginning at the visitor’s center with Avalanche Falls just a short 0.7 miles one way. That said, a roughly two-mile hike from the visitor’s center will take you to the falls, Liberty Gorge Cascade, and the Pool. This popular loop hike is a great way to see some incredible waterfalls in the area during your visit.

Georgiana Falls, Lincoln

This less-known waterfall in New Hampshire can be found via an unmarked trail in the Second Presidential State Forest. The cascades can be accessed by a 1.3-mile hike from the underpass below Route 93, by way of which you’ll reach the lower falls first– a 30-foot drop across a roughly 20-foot wide ledge with a gorgeous pool at the base. Continue your trek and you’ll come to the upper falls, Harvard Falls, with a powerful 60-foot plunge that serves as a great reward for the extra hike.

So, go ahead. Chase these incredible waterfalls in New Hampshire, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that makes our pocket of the world so fine. We hope you’ll consider lodging with us at Thayers Inn, and if you do, don’t be too shy to ask for suggestions about what to do and see in the area. Our staff would love to point you in the direction of waterfalls, restaurants, and other attractions!